Hi, Though it looks fancy in the picture,

(Fredrik Andersson) #1


Though it looks fancy in the picture, I’m having problems with my LED strip. After a while the data transmission stops in the middle. I previously had troubles with interrupts causing lag down the strip, but this is one specific LED stopping to pass data.

When it happens I can disconnect power and connect it again, after which the LED begins to work properly again. I can take off the aluminum covers. This keeps the strip running properly.

Is this related to heating? Do WS2812 feature some sort of shutdown of the logic circuit to prevent overheat?

(Andrew Tuline) #2

I would suspect cold solder joints on the strip, which is something that’s not unheard of. Otherwise, we’d need a LOT more information. See:

(Marc Miller) #3

Cold solder joint would be my first guess also. After it gets stuck, have you tried pressing on the LED in different ways to see if it starts working again?
When you say unplugging/replugging makes it work again, is that instantly, or with giving it some time to cool down?

When it gets stuck are the LEDs in front of it still active/able to animate or is everything stopped at that point?

Cool lighting setup by the way.

(Noel Kuck) #4

Yes, cool lighting👍

(John Hendy) #5

That. Is. Sick!