Hi there my question is why I have an offline status?

Hi there my question is why I have an offline status? I flashed my arduino with the code provided by zyltech where I bought my kit. serial port is up and running, and my browser is firefox. On a side note I have managed to connect in the past just long enough to jog the steppers so that at least hints that if it can happen once it can happen again although I couldnt tell you what I did other than open the workspace on the browser and connect to the serial port. Thanks everybody.

Maybe baud

Maybe try chrome as well

What version of grbl did you install? The grbl workspace only supports grbl 0.9c-0.9j.

ive tried different baud settings but ill try some more, plus using chrome. and as far as the grbl version goes im gonna ask zyltech. Im also on a mac.

I appreciate the suggestions though guys.

An easy way of determining what is going on is to turn on verbose mode (the drop down in the grbl widget on the right) and disable the filter in the serial widget on the left. Then send ? And post the result.

Or if you use the jpadie workspace it should detect the grbl version and configure itself.

Hey John I tried chrome and it works now so thank you very much! and thank you justin for the suggestions as well!