Hi there, My ‘3D Viewer’ and ‘Simulator’ widgets have suddenly moved from the center

Hi there,

My ‘3D Viewer’ and ‘Simulator’ widgets have suddenly moved from the center area of the work area to the top left hand side (above the GRBL Workspace area), and the dimensions and grid lines have disappeared off the work area. Also the Simulator function no longer works when just running the Simulator function on its own, or when actually running a program.

Any idea what has changed or how I can get these things working again?

I’m using Windows XP and Chrome version 49.0.2623.112 (I know XP is no longer supported, but everything was working ok up until today).

Your Chilipeppr system was, up until today, running great. I have lots of projects built using this great application.

Thanks Johnhh

Just checked, I also experience this in /grbl so it’s not a problem on your end.

As an interim solution you may try to preview your gcode in the /tinyg workspace where this is not a problem and when satisfied load it into the /grbl just to run the job.

Thank you for your very prompt feedback Ray – As you suggested, I tried it using the tinyg environment and the 3D Viewer, Simulator, Grid Lines and Dimensions all worked fine - I wonder if they can fix it?

hola saludo, me prodian decir por favor donde puedo descargar ese programa, gracias de ante mamos…

Hola edwiin…estos es computación en la nube. no se tiene que descargar nada, lo usas dese chilipeppr,com

gracias Christian lo provare a ver como me va…

I am having this same issue, hope it can be fixed soon.

@Josh_Lopez Thanks for your reply – I was beginning to think I was the only one with this issue.
Chilipeppr was working great and was proving to be a great tool until this unpredictable behaviour started.

I’ve been using it for some time now and up until a few days ago, it was very stable and working fine.

Now, when I login to Google then enter http://chilipeppr.com/grbl in chrome it’s anybody’s guess as to what I get on my screen. Sometime I pick-up someone else’s work and sometime I get what I was last working on – totally random.
Also the work area has a mind of its own now – some parts work and others don’t anymore.

I’ve spent days on this trying to work out what’s going on but as yet no luck. It could be me, maybe I’m missing something. I had a look at the videos about forking your own work area but that’s too complex for me – maybe that’s what’s wrong as I haven’t done any of that yet.

If you do have to build your own work area, then maybe a drag and drop build tool would be a good idea. I’m an old fashioned Oracle, Pick and Unix programmer, not much good on Java stuff.

Let me know if you get any luck finding out what’s wrong.