Hi there, Is there a way that I can ‘Save’ the new ‘/jpadie’ area

Hi there,
Is there a way that I can ‘Save’ the new ‘/jpadie’ area as a personalised area just for myself? So that each time I start it I will get exactly how I last used it.

I have, up until now, being using the ‘/grbl?’ area, but this one appears very unstable and at times fails to behave as expected.
I don’t have a working CNC machine yet, I’m just using a collection of steppers and a GRBL 0.9 controller to learn as much as I can on G-Code and how to configure and control everything.

I’ve just switched over to the /jpadie and after much effort have managed to get it working correctly so would like to now save it.

Any help would be much appreciated…
Thanks Johnhh

When you save “save” do you just mean getting your Grbl firmware configured right? Because that would just be saved on your Arduino. There’s not much I can think of in the workspace itself that is something that would be saved.

@John_Hornsby-Hunt ​ when you say working correctly what do you mean exactly? What was not working for you and what steps did you take to remediate?

The workspace is not a standalone piece of code; it sits as a wrapper (within the overall CP wrapper) which pulls in a hierarchy of widgets that actually contain the primary functionality. So even if you froze the workspace by forking it you would also need to freeze every widget by forking them and editing the workspace code. Which in turn means that you will not benefit from the fixes and enhancements that are being continually made.

On the other hand if you use the workspaces and widgets and report back bugs and UX enhancements you would like to see then there is a greater likelihood of these being adopted and benefitting the whole community.

If you mean that you want to save the positioning of the widgets and the sizes then you should be able to write some code that would extend the current cookie saving/getting in the grbl widget and then issue a pull request via github. I’d be happy to adopt that code.

Hi John and Justin,

Thank you both for your comments.

Let me explain and offer a little more background for some of my questions.

I’ve been using ChiliPeppr for quite some time now and find it a brilliant product.

I’m not an expert at the coding side, my background is from the Unix and SQL Server days, but I do dabble with Arduino stuff, it’s a bit like Unix scripting eh!

What was not working for you and what steps did you take to remediate?

I had a few weeks away from using my stepper setup and when I fired it up again there were lots of things that wouldn’t work correctly. I was using the ‘/grbl?’ environment (I hadn’t tried the newer ‘/jpadie’ section yet, although I did see John’s announcement re it’s release).

I’ve included a couple of screen shots that show the strange things that were happening.

The 3D viewer was displaying my G-Code file, which was a simple circle 36mm in diameter, as a four- sided semicircle totalling 72mm across. When I ran the 3D Simulator, it would appear to ‘trace out’ the correct path of the file but wouldn’t display it.
When, as a test, I manually moved the X axis by 10mm the X, Y, Z indicators on the upper right, showed correct, but the Machine-Coords (lower down), showed as inches.
I checked the parameter $13 and it was set to 1 (inches) so I changed it to 0.
Once I’d made these changes and switched to the ‘/jpadie’ environment everything worked fine.

My question regarding if I can make a copy of the environment that only I have access to, comes about as I feel (rightly or wrongly) that all ‘users’ get the same instance of ChiliPeppr and if someone changes something we all get the result. Previously on version ‘/grbl?’ Thing would stop working for a day or so then suddenly start working fine some time later. I may be totally wrong here???

I’ve seen comments about ‘forking’ but have no idea where to start.
Thanks once again to all.
Great forum.

I think the tracing of the arcs is a known limitation of the viewer. It doesn’t effect the milling.

My workspace has issues with units in certain edge cases. Provided that you have gcode loaded and a driver connected then it should work fine and will mirror the gcode G20/21 directive.
If you don’t have any gcode loaded then you may find issues with units. The work around is to force the issue by sending G20/21 through the serial console.

You can absolutely make your own workspace. As I said, to hold things stable, you would need to fork the workspace and then every widget you want on your workspace. Then edit the workspace to point to your forked versions. On the CP homepage there are links to videos that @jlauer ​ has made that shows you how to do all of this.

And yes - sometimes things break and it takes time to fix. Everyone suffers and everyone benefits. That’s the nature of a web delivered application layer!

Thanks Justin,
I’ll see if I can find that video and have a look at it - I may be back for more advice once I’ve digested it. Thanks again.

It is also possible @John_Hornsby-Hunt ​, rather than forking every widget, to link to a particular commit within github. That would be an easier solution for you. Nb some widgets are built and hosted from fiddles rather than github but it should still be possible to permalink.

That way you would have to fork only the workspace. And you could manually track widget enhancements and change the link to the commit that you were happy with as and when you wanted.

Hi Justin,
Thanks for all your help on this one.
I’ve located the videos you talked about so need to sit down and see if I can work out what to do to folk the workspace.
I may need some guidance on how to do the link stuff in github.
Thanks once again.