Hi There is no plan to add support for FastLed and development boards with


There is no plan to add support for FastLed and development boards with ESP8266 module for Arduino https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino ?. I think it would be great to control LED pixels via WiFi so cheaply :slight_smile:


the first comment in this post explains why FastLED will be a while before porting (not for lack of interest): https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MikeBarela/posts/ECPWttDhN6p

Thank you for the info will be really great if they succeed to import for boards ESP8266

Thanks Ryan and Mike, for chiming in here.

The short version is that want to support it, and I’ve even done some preliminary work on porting ALL of FastLED over to the ESP8266 but there are several things ahead of it in the development queue.

If you want to drive some Neopixels today , the Adafruit library should work fine. We love Adafruit, and their library is solid.

Also, remember that FastLED is 100% open source! If someone else gets ESP8266 support implemented and working in FastLED, we’ll definitely jump on the pull request – but that’s a tall order, requiring many hours.

forget ESP8266, there’s a new kid on the block :wink:
It’s called the EMW3165, and like the ESP it provides WiFi connectivity for a bunch of wireless projects. It’s much, much more capable with an STM32F4 ARM Coretex M4 microcontroller.

I believe that ESP is better for the price and quantity of pcb variants.

They’re very different microcontrollers, and we hope to support the ESP along with a variety of ARM and AVR devices.