Hi there, I'm looking for advice about ledstrips order soon.

(Derrick Giscloux) #1

Hi there, I’m looking for advice about ledstrips order soon. It seems things are changing so I’m not sure I should go to WS2812B. I’m working with Fastled and Wemos Lolin pro&lite. I think SK6822 or WS2813 could be good with their double line. I also read about new 2815 on that thread: https://plus.google.com/104558332194425597493/posts/iczrQaZFvd2
Do you have any recent experience with those?

(Jeremy Spencer) #2

How many leds? What form factor? What are you building? Will it have long power lines?

(Derrick Giscloux) #3

Yes of course ! I’m in 60 leds / meter IP67. No precise project for now but I need some stock in case of. Does long power lines really a criteria for specific strip model ?

(Jeremy Spencer) #4

@Derrick_Giscloux If you use long strips or long power lines then the newer 12v LEDs are a good choice. You get less voltage drop with 12v and 12v power supplies are cheaper.

I’ve tested and like the GS8208s from Ray Wu. They need 5v data, they don’t recognise 3.3v data. Define them as WS2813 in FastLED

(Derrick Giscloux) #5

Okay good thing about less voltage drop and cheaper power supplies and in this case I understand the deal is to convert 12V to 5V for the MCU. I don’t find any GS8208s in +5V on the internet. But there are CS8208 in 12V here, is that you mean? http://www.witop-tech.com/addressable-led-strip/cs8208-12v/

(Jeremy Spencer) #6


(Marc Miller) #7

@Jeremy_Spencer Do you have a 12V to 5V step down transformer or buck you could recommend? (To provide 5V for the micro controller.)

(Jeremy Spencer) #8

@marmil WeMos make a really nice power shield, ideal for D1 Minis but could also be used with any other controller with 5V VCC.


This style is also very popular

(this is my shop, but they’re readily available in all the normal places)

(Marc Miller) #9

Great, thank you @Jeremy_Spencer

(Antoine Bertin) #10

@Jeremy_Spencer is there a difference between GS8208 and WS2815? Looks like they are both 12V adressable with 5V data line?

(Jeremy Spencer) #11

@Antoine_Bertin different manufacturers…