Hi there, I want to add some Art to my IPhone 6 in aluminum

Hi there,

I want to add some Art to my IPhone 6 in aluminum as seen in my design sketch below, how would you solve it?

I think I could try to spray the phone black and then laser the not wanted paint away.
Is there a special kind of color that you would use?

Kind Regards

if its anodized you can try engraving it directly, some colors work well for this. or use a product like thermark or Cermark that you spray on and laser-bond to the substrate. Its a bit pricey though, some try moly spray.

Hey Joe thanks, I will take a look to it and google about it.

Another possible way, may could be to add a self-adhesive foil and then cut them. Remove the parts that I will color. Corlor it, and remove the foil after it is finished completly …

that sounds feasible as long as you can remove the areas you want without peeling up the rest.

Cermark will work but it is pricey.

I’ve heard that the spray on molycoat works similar to the cermark. Maybe google some photos and techniques? I have not tried this!! :slight_smile:

CerMark looks perfect

Wow 300ml off this color cost 100€, really pricey :see_no_evil:

Use sparingly! Believe it or not if you search, I posted about using yellow mustard to etch metal.