Hi there. I have just started using the chilliPeppr GRBL software and it works

(Danny Grogan) #1

Hi there. I have just started using the chilliPeppr GRBL software and it works great when the server is running on my PC so there is a direct USB connection to the CNC controller but I tried installing the server on my raspberry pi zero and it connects and everything but it will stop running intermittently, never getting very far through a job. i suspect that the wifi connection is not stable/ fast enough. any help on this issue would be much appreciated.


Many folks run ChiliPeppr on their Raspberry Pi and it works well. I know I do and it’s perfect. One thing to watch for is the amount of lines buffered into SPJS initially. You can control that in the settings panel for the Gcode widget. Just have it upload like 10,000 lines at the start just to give it a huge buffer.

(Danny Grogan) #3

well thats a shame i really thought that would work, set the buffer to 10,000 as suggested but after auto levelling the routine lasted only about 5 seconds before it just stopped (end bit still running)…


Did it stop during auto-level? Or stop when running the Gcode job?

(Danny Grogan) #5

it stopped when running the gcode job. im wondering if for some reason the serial port json server is disconnecting for some reason as after rebooting the GRBL controller i had trouble reconnecting…


Some folks have reported swapping to a nicer USB cable solved noise issues.

(Danny Grogan) #7

just tried plugging the controller directly into the pi (before it was going in via a USB) hub and it worked on the small job which i gave it so thanks! hopefully it will hold out for some larger ones also. is this down to the quality of the hub? it was a cheap one…

(Colin Kaminski) #8

I have had noise issues from my spindle to my data lines. My final solution was to plug directly into the USB with a cable that had a ferrite ring.