Hi there. I got myself a creality cr10s and I have an problem..

(Jonas G.) #1

Hi there.
I got myself a creality cr10s and I have an problem… It prints just fine and somehow it suddenly stops extruding and prints in the air. It happened twice today. I have no clue why it behaves like that. Any suggestions?

(Jonathon Thrumble) #2

Heat creep??

(Jonas G.) #3

@Jonathon_Thrumble what do you mean with heat creep?

(André Frazatto) #4

Yep, that would be my first guess too. Happened A LOT with me when change to PLA.

Heat creep is when heat slowly and surely starts “climbing” the hotend till molten plastic gets to the part where it’s supposed to be cold already and get stuck on the walls of the hotend.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #5

I agree with heat creep as well. Try changing your retraction settings. If you retract too far or too often, the plastic will become melted too far up and then stick to the walls and you get a jam. Your retraction distance with that printer should probably be around 4-5mm. Also, if you’re printing too hot, that will also attribute to heat creep. I print PLA at 205c on my printer but temps can vary from machine to machine and spool to spool as well.

(André Frazatto) #6

I had to put a big ass 50mm fan on my hotend to handle the problem.

(Petruse Mihai) #7

I had this issue and fix it… solder or replace the heater connexion from the extruder end, so you do not loose power. my black connector started to deform on one side, due to bad electric connection. but this issue i had it for a long time until melting, so i strongly recommend you to do the same. please let me know if your’s will be up and running like it should.

(Jeff Parish) #8

Heat creep. Is your extruder cooling fan working properly? Did you change your slicer retraction settings?

(quinitno chembo) #9

check on the retraction settings