hi there everyone i'm using an ox build with tinyg fusion and chilipeppr.

hi there everyone
i’m using an ox build with tinyg fusion and chilipeppr. and milling works great
i now want to switch to plasma but when i post processing i get failed to invoke onopen in post configuration. and i’m not sure how to solve this problem any help is appreciated thankyou

I have found fusion 360 to not work with the laser or plasma post processor because it requires tool offsets. The way I get around it is to generate a milling path that just turns on and off the spindle to toggle a laser and possibly your plasma

ok that sounds good how do i generate a on off mill path? sorry for the dumb questions i am new to this and chilipeppr seems to be the most help. plus its so easy for a beginner to use.

John is there a better program to use for plasma cutting
with chilipeppr?

To me, plasma cutting is all about how you toggle your plasma cutter on or off. If it’s just done from the spindle on/off then you can pretty much use any CAM software. Fusion 360 is my favorite. I’ve never done plasma cutting though.

ok thanks