Hi - thanks for the great software! Just one annoying issue that's bugging me.

Hi - thanks for the great software! Just one annoying issue that’s bugging me. When have a raster image, a get a regular pattern of skipped lines.

They don’t show up massively in the final engraving, but is there some setting I’m not putting in that could remove them? I don’t understand why it “skips” the odd horizontal lines at all - if I change the beam size, the lines just appear in a different place.

If enter a beam width of 0.19 they very nearly disappear. I’m totally puzzled by it!

Post an image to better understand your problem. Also post a screenshot not the settings and the size of the image

OK, I’m running crouton on a PixelBook 2015, so screenshot of laserweb has to be via my phone (unless you know otherwise?). Apologies for the quality - but you can see the white/black lines in the image where the laser doesn’t burn. Why is that?

can you also post a screenshot showing the graphic without the gcode lines visible? for a visual comparison.
And if you could also show the operation your running under, cant see it on your first one.

It’s a laser raster operation - doesn’t it show that in the orange block? Anyhow, just one operation. My 9yr old boy has a homemade wooden axe and wanted a wolf picture!

had to verify as it could have been something weird like laser fill path heh. Can you also link a pic of the actual result on the material so we can see the issue other than simulated?

OK, think I’ve sussed this. Seems to be an artifact of the simulation. When you zoom in as far as possible, those lines disappear. So I’m not sure what’s going on with the view, but zoomed in far enough the burn lines look fairly even. On the actual result it’s hard to make out if some lines were skipped, as the burn isn’t always completely even on the wood.

good to hear :slight_smile: