Hi, sorry for my english, but i can't install my machine (K40) (software).

Hi, sorry for my english, but i can’t install my machine (K40) (software). how to install in my computer?, What programs should I install?. Where can i download these programs? Thanks

You’re going to want to install a version of CorelDraw (not home & student versions though) & then CorelLaser 2013.02.

You can get CorelLaser 2013.02 here: http://www.lcshenhuilaser.com/download.html

You’ll need to find a copy of CorelDraw somewhere or purchase a legitimate copy. Everything up to x8 version works to my knowledge. I would suggest x5 or above.

Also, you have another option, which is LaserDRW. Not many of us here use it (or have used it in past) so support from this group would be limited. However, if you are interested it can also be downloaded from the above link.

Thanks, i need something else for my machine begins to engrave?

Not quite sure what you mean.