Hi. So I have a Manga 2 1080...

Hi. So I have a Manga 2 1080… I’m struggling really badly to get it work with my Pi… I’ve changed the config.txt etc as per Claudio Prezzi’s instructions but all I get on my screen is 3 partial desktops (the touch screen works which is great) If I plug my Pi into my TV I get fullscreen 1080, plug in Manga 2 in and I get as I said, 3 desktops… Any help would be greatly appreciate. Works fine with my Windows 10 laptop but I want the Pi in my Peli case

I got the same 3 partial desktops before I changed the config.
The code I provided does only work if your screen has the same EDID “IAG-MangaScreen2”. You can check your EDID with the command “tvservice -n”.

@cprezzi I have that ID, what is the code (I will continue to look in the meantime)