Hi, so have a Shapeoko 3 that I'm driving with a rasp 2 &

Hi, so have a Shapeoko 3 that I’m driving with a rasp 2 & the 7" touchscreen but what I want to do is to have the oft-used widgets as standalone tabs in Chrome so that the real estate available on a 7" screen is maximized.

So the standalone to tab part is obvious but I could use a few pointers as to the best way to fork the widget and have it autosize into the available window as I’m not really a JS guy but with a steer in the right direction I’m sure progress could be made


this sounds really cool. i’d love to see “touch” friendly widgets for CP, espcially for cancelling an alarm, jogging, gcode controls, etc. If you make these, please share your workspace! i think the raspberry pi 2 combined with the touchscreen, the jog dial, and hardware buttons for feed hold, resume, and reset, would be awesome!

Yep, me too ! The touch part is taken care of by the display drivers so it’s really about getting the widgets working fullscreen, so to speak

Will be happy to share

well, what i meant by touch would be making all the button sizes and things finger friendly as oppossed to mouse friendly.

Ahh, right, Yes, exactly

Hi Tony, this is VERY doable. I would fork a workspace and then change up the layout of the HTML. No functionality should have to be changed or any Javascript written.

I would suggest you add tabs along the top that are tall enough for a thumb. Use bootstrap’s tab feature which i’ve used in many spots, but tweak the CSS to make the tabs tall. http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#tabs

Then I would just start cutting/pasting stuff from the existing HTML into each tab. It’s quite obvious what HTML represents what widget.

In terms of overriding buttons to make them touch size, just add CSS. Since ChiliPeppr uses Bootstrap there’s a ton of example code on the Internet on how to make buttons bigger.

Can’t wait to see it.

Awesome, ok, let me give it a shot

If you make it touch friendly, add a file browse button too. Tablet user here.

Yep, was thinking the same thing sitting in front of the machine today, probably a dropbox etc… link

@Tony_McGivern It can supposedly use a link, but whenever I try to use that feature and the page is served up from an html site, it does not work. It does not extract the text from the html but instead reads the html as well as the gcode. That was my experience with google drive hosted files anyways.
If anyone else knows how to do this properly, please speak up for both me and Tony.