Hi printer guys, I want to ask you.

(Jakub Havala) #1

Hi printer guys,

I want to ask you. What program do you use to generate G-code? What do you like and what dislike on your pragram? Do you know some tweaks for faster and more accurate printing that would suit you?


(ThantiK) #2

Honestly - I use Simplify3D and Cura. Faster more accurate printing comes from the hardware side, not the software side. As long as everything is moving how the software expects it to, you’ll get perfect prints every time.

(Scott Gammons) #3

I can’t say that I entirely agree with ThantiK. My experience is that every program has it’s foibles and none are any good if you don’t establish proper temp control, infill etc. Assuming you have done all this correctly, I find that Cura is a pretty nice program. I prefer it over Slic3r because it seems to be a little more precise and repeatable. Both will work, but Cura is easier to use and it is easier to get good output from. Slic3r had an issue for me where it would not connect infill well to the outer edges of a print. Not sure why that was, but the outer shell would sometimes be totally disconnected from the rest of the print except on one or two sides where it overlapped well enough to bond properly. Moving to Cura seemed to solve that for me. Cura seemed to generate better output than Slic3r in general for me. Haven’t tried anything else.

(Иван Лугинец) #4

I get best prints with slic3r