Hi. Please forgive me in advance as I am a relative newbie to Laserweb

Please forgive me in advance as I am a relative newbie to Laserweb etc. I am comfortable with Arduino code and modifying my firmware as necessary.

I have an TEVO Black Widow 3D printer which I run with a MKS 1.4 and Marlin firmware. As I understand it the Marlin uses GCODE, not GRBL

I do have the capability of controlling a PWM for the laser using M106 Sxxx - this works…

My Laser is a 12W unit with a TTL input for control.

Now - where I need help understanding. Laserweb talks about GRBL, however will this drive my TEVO or will I need to do a translation to GCODE.

There will be some times where I want to do Raster, and others Vector. I understand the difference between them but previous experiments with other Laser software ended up with it always using raster which does not work for cutting.

Could somebody give me some pointers so I can ask better questions.
Many many thanks

GRBL, Marlin, Smoothieware are all firmwares… They all speak GCode, but unfortunately slightly different dialects…

That is why LW4 has the ability to adjust header and footer codes, etc.

The main ‘dialects’ we see is the original (used by most traditional CNC machines) and RepRap (primarily used by 3D printers).

HTH a bit!

To add on, LW4 does generate GCode, so even if you cannot connect directly to your machine through LW4 (I am not familiar with MKS and Marlin), you could still use LW4 to generate GCode, save it to a file and then send it to your machine using whatever GCode sender you have. That would be less convenient, but would work fine.