Hi peoples, I am trying to setup rs485 to my Huanyang VFD and have

Hi peoples,
I am trying to setup rs485 to my Huanyang VFD and have followed the instructions given on the wiki but am not getting any pulses out of the smoothie board. I have a ‘smoothieboard V1.0a’ and have updated the firmware to build edge-24da5ce.

I am monitoring with my CRO with 1V horiz div and 25us vert div.
-> 3.3V is good
-> rx is 0V and no pulses when M3 S3000 or M5 sent
-> tx is 3.3V and no pulses when M3 S3000 or M5 sent

config is setup exactly as shown on wiki:
spindle.type modbus # set the spindle type to modbus/RS485
spindle.vfd_type huanyang # set the VFD type, this is necessary because each inverter uses its own commands
spindle.rx_pin 2.6 # TX pin for the soft serial
spindle.tx_pin 2.4 # RX pin for the soft serial
spindle.dir_pin 2.5 # RS485 is only half-duplex, so we need a pin to switch between sending and receiving

Does anyone have any suggestions?

it works here. can you try using other pins ? also can we see your full config at http://pastebin.com ?


You are not enabling the spindle module

Hope the following post could help in some way to solve your issue ( https://plus.google.com/u/1/+ArthurWolf/posts/E2spXw6dgCp )

I tried pins 1.30(RX)=2.5V constant,1.31(TX)=3.3V constant and 1.3(DIR)=0.3V constant.
And no pulses on any

You forgot to enable the spindle module

Was getting cold in my shed last night and had to depart.Thanks Arthur, yes that was a rookie mistake. However, I put ‘spindle.enable true’ in the config and restarted and still getting nothing on my CRO. I was hoping that would work. Looks like it needs a deeper dive and will look into Antonios post.

I am also using a https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10124
Antonio post stated ‘and no one worked for me’ which means that it didn’t work for him right?
Regardless if the board works or not I should still be able to see logic coming out of the smoothieboard on my CRO.

Hello @Colin_Wildsmith . I hope the following comments could help in some way. Only two circuits (for me) worked for modbus connection. Sparkfun breakout board is one of the breakouts that didn’t work for me. The other two breakout boards (chinese boards) mentioned in the post did the job.

Thanks Antonio, I’ll get one of the others.

Any of these two breakouts worked. My spindle belongs to Huanyang brand. ==> https://es.aliexpress.com/item/TTL-to-RS485-module-RS485-to-TTL-with-isolated-single-chip-serial-port-UART/32820863224.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.fyFwys <== , ==> https://es.aliexpress.com/item/microcontroller-TTL-to-RS485-module-485-to-serial-communication-module-UART-level-conversion-automatic-flow/32397727387.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.fyFwys <==

I suggest to focus on vfd parameters related with frequency operation value. There are programs on vfd that must be changed in order to requested rpm’s could work as expected.

I have set up the parameters but can’t see any logic on the UART comms bus or rs485 side

I don’t know if I read wrong, but, Arthur said something about in detail related with sparkfun breakout board. He saw the signals in oscilloscope (send and receive operations were ok in the vfd, but nothing happens).

I’ve bought both those boards so will wait for them to come in and just control spindle via digital input.

I don’t know which brands are allowed to work using smoothieboard. In my case, those two boards were tested using a huanyang vfd and both worked.

did you load the cnc build? the spindle module is not compiled into the 3d build for obvious reasons.

Ah yeah, in my case is cnc building compiled from edge branch. I never tried to compile as 3d including spindle module. I don’t know if it’s possible.

Ok I installed the’firmware-latest.bin’ and your saying I should have just downloaded ‘firmware-CNC-latest’? I looked at the read me file and it said you require s a pregnant style LCD. I chose the other one as I use my machine for both printing and machining. That’s one of the features of the smoothie board that made me use it. I will install for this test and let you know if it works.
Thanks for the feedback