Hi peeps, me again. Last problem I'm trying to solve.

Hi peeps, me again.

Last problem I’m trying to solve.

I have a Makerbot Replicator 1 clone and im using Slic3r as the slicer. The problem is that Slic3r isnt putting the print in the centre of the build plate.

Here’s a snippet of gcode generated by Slic3r, you can see its very first extrusion is all the way off centre at 89.425, 96.609 which is toward the bottom right-hand corner. I would have thought the first extrusion should be near 0, 0?

; BEGIN build
G90 ; use absolute coordinates
M73 P0
G1 Z0.300 F9960.000
G1 F2400.000 E-2.00000
G1 X89.425 Y96.609 F9960.000
G1 E0.00000 F2400.000
G1 X91.351 Y96.609 E0.13377 F3600.000
G1 X91.620 Y96.443 E0.15575
G1 X92.105 Y95.474 E0.23106

I’ve tried fidding with Slic3rs Origin coordinates but it made no difference to the starting position.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Bed size settings

@Stephanie_A bed size is correct. 225x145. The problem is Slic3r thinks the 0,0 location is at the front left corner, but on my Makerbot 0,0 is right in the middle of the bed.

So when i place an object to be sliced in the middle of the bed in Slic3r the resulting gcode places it at around 90,90 which is off toward back right corner of my print bed.

Try manually running some gcode.
G1 X112.5 Y72.5

That should put you at the center of the bed.

Can you take a screenshot of the build plate and the gcode visualization?

Oh actually that would put you in the top right corner.

@Stephanie_A on my bot that puts the extruder at the back right corner

so 0,0 is centre, back right is X:151.84 Y:75.92, front left is X:-151.84, -75.92

Ok, but can you take screenshots of the model and gcode preview.

@Stephanie_A ok heres what I’ve discovered. If I slice using the Slic3r GUI it centers the build around 0, 0.

If i slice using the Slic3r command tool using the exact same configuration and the same model it doesnt center the build.

So thats why when I slice and print from Octoprint using the Slic3r plugin the build is off centre, but, if i slice using the Slic3r gui (using the exact same slic3r config) and send it to Octoprint the build prints centered.

anyway, thats fine. not going to troubleshoot this problem any more. I now know i need to slice using Slic3r gui first.

I think it is a command line option you might be missing.

There is print center and dont arrange settings.

@Stephanie_A Thanks! i did try playing with the --print-centre setting but not the --dont-arrange setting. I’ll let you know how i go.