Hi New to this I am having acceleration issues how do I get it

New to this I am having acceleration issues how do I get it to travel at a stead speed on a vetor drawing DXF as it seem to slow down around corner etc & speeds up along straight lines I have a 7kw laser with a Arduino nano not sure how i get to all the settings in laserweb have made changes in laser grbl v2.8.25 to get travel distances setup (hope this make sence)

Most likely your arc or corners ( circles also ) are made up from lots of tiny path. Theres a field called Segment on each operation. Try increasing the value ( I would start at 0.5 ) and see if theres any change in the shape. If it’s ok then use it and try your operation again.
This field will not consider and path value bellow what’s in that field

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty sorry I don’t under stand a field called segment where do you mean in laserweb4?

@Garrath_Bond yes in LW4. There a field called Segment under each operation. Look at the image bellow

yes I found that I only have 1 orperation for the whole file so don’t see what this does now worked out you can directly change Svalue not sure how this help

I tried 5 mm seemed a little better but still takes too long on corners & too quick in straights Depron melts at corner & does not cut through on straights

Where do you created the DXF?

It has to slow down for sharp corners - that’s not something you’ll be able to get rid of. The system will lower the power for corners though, if you’re using the right command to turn on the beam. If you want to slow it down, use a lower feed speed for the cut.