Hi looking for help.

(Morgan Yarrington) #1

Hi looking for help. I am doing an LED project for my A-Level computing course and I am struggling. what I want to do is create an app that connects to the arduino using bluetooth and then you can control the LEDs. Customising premade effects with different amount of colours and different different colours. I also want to be able to change the brightness and speed of effects. Basically I’m asking for help on the bluetooth connection part. I have made the app in app inventor. How would I send things like the brightness via bluetooth to the arduino

(Sam Guyer) #2

As a college teacher myself, I feel like I need to ask if your course has a specific policy on collaboration or asking for help outside class…

(Jason Coon) #3

What have you tried? You’re much more likely to get with specific questions.

(Morgan Yarrington) #4

@Jason_Coon So far I have looked up tutorials on how to use bluetooth with arduino but could only see ones that turned on or off the a single LED

(Jeremy Spencer) #5

Search for “ble ws2812b tutorial”

(1icri) #6

@Morgan_Yarrington depending on the course you may get marks for developing your own protocol for controlling the effect parameters. Start by combining the single-LED tutorial with just turning the whole strip on and off with FastLED. Then try changing the colour. Move the colour to a global variable that you use in a draw loop (if it’s meant to be animated), and change the variable when you receive data, maybe different colours depending on what number it received. Then start developing the draw loop into a more complex pattern. Add more parameters (global variables) and some way to set each one individually depending on the received data. If you keep a log of what you’re changing each time, it could get you quite a few more marks.

Sorry for the long comment!

(Sam Guyer) #7

One of the apps that I tinkered with a bit is called Blynk – it let’s you set up controls on your phone that appear as virtual “pins” in your sketch. It’s pretty cool.