Hi, just setting up new Windows 10 laptop with Arduino 1.6.6 & TeensyDuino 1.26.

(Aaron Liddiment) #1

Hi, just setting up new Windows 10 laptop with Arduino 1.6.6 & TeensyDuino 1.26. When I try to compile any project, I get:-
:0:0: fatal error: opening dependency file XXXXX.ino.d: Permission denied
compilation terminated.
Where XXXXX is the project file. Exactly the same setup on my old Windows 7 works fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

(Daniel Garcia) #2

Weird - do you still have the windows 7 laptop? Can you try comparing the full output directories that the builds are using on the two machines? You might be able to navigate to the folder (or one of the enclosing folders) in explorer and check out the file permissions. (Unclear whether or not that error is occurring on reading or writing the file - can you turn on verbose compiler output and pastebin the full log of a build?)

(Giligain I.) #3

Could be that Arduino IDE 1.6.6 is buggy. Many ppl are using the previous version or the hourly beta 1.6.7 build when it addresses the reported bug.

(PaulStoffregen) #4

I’m pretty sure there’s a bug in 1.6.6 which tries to sometimes write a file into the Arduino folder, rather than the temporary folder where it should. Going back to 1.6.5 is probably the simplest fix. If you really want 1.6.6, perhaps try the ZIP file version and extract it somewhere like Documents/ard166 (but do not put it into Documents/Arduino, because that’s where your sketches go). You’ll need to navigate to that location when installing Teensyduino, cause by default it’ll find the copy in Program Files. The point is the copy in Documents/ard166 will be writeable, so if this bug is causing a file to be written there, things will probably “work”.

(Aaron Liddiment) #5

Thanks for the suggestions. The problem was connected with my moving of the Users folder from my C to D drive. All the symbolic links and permissions were set correctly and I had a junction setup on the C drive pointing to the D drive. The Arduino dev is the only app that seems to have a problem.
Still don’t know what the actual problem was as the build files seemed fine and it was creating and using the temp build folder. Anyway, I did a restore of the basic windows image, setup the Arduino stuff and it is now building fine!
Typical Microsoft really, there is no straight forward way of moving the Users tree off the System drive without issues somewhere! Perhaps they are in league with the SSD makers :wink: