Hi. I've upgraded my trusty old LPD8806 strips to APA102s.

Hi. I’ve upgraded my trusty old LPD8806 strips to APA102s. The patterns look a bit weird, and the documentation said they may be running fast and to set up as follows:

FastLED.addLeds<APA102, RGB, DATA_RATE_MHZ(12)>(leds, NUM_LEDS);

However, when compiling it fails as ‘call of overloaded ‘addLeds(CRGB [289], int)’ is ambiguous’

What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Incidentally, these are pretty hardy - At first I badly assumed that the wiring was the same as my LPD8806 and I was putting 5v through the wrong line and smoke was coming off the wires and it was hot to touch. They still work!!

When supplying the data rate, you have to be explicit about the data/clock pin as well - you’re running into the limits of C++ template magic right now (I’ve got ideas on how to work around it - but doing any of them is unlikely in the near future)

Thanks Daniel. So the documentation needs amending to reflect this. I was using SPI and don’t know how to say this unless I leave the data and clock pins off. Is there a way to use SPI and also set the speed?

Look at the example here: https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/SPI-Hardware-or-Bit-banging

Also updated the other part of the docs (there was a time when you could do it that way but needed library changes undid that - thought I caught everywhere in the docs when that changed :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel.