Hi, I've recently upgraded extruder in my printer to dual extruder and i'm printing


  I've recently upgraded extruder in my printer to dual extruder and i'm printing my first test file now

FW = marlin
slcer = slic3r 1.2.9
host = Octoprint

I noticed some shifting while printing.

So I spent some time in front of the machine. I’ve enabled the ooze prevention in slic3r so that inactive extruder cools down to 5 degree. After each layer both extruders go outside the ooze prevention wall and wait there till it reaches the correct temperature. I took around 10 seconds for that. During this waiting period stepper motors turn off after a few seconds. and it looses the position (mainly in X, might be due to the extra weight of dual extruders) . To verify this I manually tried to turn the motors during the waiting period. They were powered up initially, but after that that they turn OFF and I can rotate them manually.

What should I do to avoid it?? Anyone have experience with dual extrusion??


I wish you luck with your nozzle offsets, nozzle ooze, wipe settings, nozzle dragging, nozzle diameter settings, nozzle flow rate settings, etc.

You need to look at your Marlin configuration.

@NathanielStenzel Nozzle offset, that was easy(so far no problem)
Placed two small cubes(20 * 20 * 3) mm^3 close to each other. Assigned each cube to two nozzles.

I didn’t change offset values in the firmware. Gave offset values in Slc3r as
X = 0, Y = 0. Printed two cubes. Measured distance between the edges that should’ve been close. Got 33.17mm . Used that value as the X offset in slicer. Printed the cubes again.They were perfect.

Nozzle ooze = that’s a mess. I’m having the problem mentioned in the post with slc3r, when ooze prevention is enabled|(inactive extruder cools 5 degree celcius). But found out Cura’s wipe and prim towers better. Found a post about including wipe and prim towers in SLic3r. But couldn’t make that work.

See here http://makertum.com/en/wipe-and-prime-towers-for-slic3r/

May be anyone else here can try it and help me with it too.

Printed traffic cones, you can see ooze issues

Now about Nozzle dragging, I adjusted nozzles such that second one is 0.15 mm higher than 1 st one(My printing layer height is 0.2mm). And always use 1 extruder to print layers close to bed. SO far not much dragging.

Need to calibrate extruder properly, and have banding issue(less compared to my previous extruder)

This is my extruder

There’s two grub screws to adjust nozzle height.

NOTE : If anyone buying this , careful that they’re not selling drive gears with this kit. you have to buy it separately.

@Rien_Stouten Do you know which line???

Is it this DEFAULT_STEPPER_DEACTIVE_TIME in configuration_adv.h

I did not see any mention of retract settings. You can have that done on the newly inactive nozzle when changing nozzles. It should help with nozzle ooze.

Is it “dual extrusion switch amount” in cura??currently its 16.5mm in mine??

Is there anything like that in slic3r??


There may be a generic retract setting.