Hi, I've got a wierd issue:


I’ve got a wierd issue:

I have an Ox from SMW3d (1500mm x 1500mm) and I’ve just got int up and running. but here is the thing:

When I get it to draw the Chilipeppr logo with a sharpie…the image is mirrored along the x Axis.

My $3 is set to 0, and all my axes home in the correct direction (and trigger microswitches)

Is there a setting I can tweak?

Reverse the polarity on your X motor.

There are two ways. Switch the wires at the board or in the place where you set mm/rev in chillipeppr has a polarity toggle.


Thanks for the info. I was able to resolve it. I had to both invert the X
axis as well as invert the homing direction for the x axis.