Hi, I've been running into an issue that I'm fairly sure is this:

Hi, I’ve been running into an issue that I’m fairly sure is this:

I’ve mainly been seeing the unexpected Z plunges and some rapid movements on my TinyG. This only occurs when I am sending fairly large amount of code to it.

I know that the issue is not #2 as I am running the SPJS on a RasPi and the website through a PC. I don’t think #4 is the issue, as I am not attempting to send any $ configuration commands. As for issue #1, I have changed between XON/XOFF and RTS/CTS, and the problem still exists.

So if the problem is #3, “The serial buffer is being overwritten because the host is not performing adequate flow control” how would I go about adjusting this?

If anyone else knows what might be happening, that would help. I can supply more information if needed as well.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.


Do you have a screenshot of chilipeppr? It helps us debug. In particular are you connecting with tinyg buffer on spjs

Get a good serial cable with a ferrite ring in any case. Also, there is known ting G bug decoding arcs in English measurements so output to G-Code in metric or don’t use arc commands.

I’m pretty sure it’s a hardware issue. Thanks for the suggestions though.