Hi, I've been playing around with my 3040 CNC machine (rewired using TinyG),


I’ve been playing around with my 3040 CNC machine (rewired using TinyG), and having reasonable success on several projects :slight_smile:

However, there is one area that I have not been able to get working though… perhaps you can help please?

When I use the ‘Holemaking’ facility (ie drilling), the 3040 tracks to the correct XY co-ordintates for each hole, but the Z axis does not move and therefore no hole is drilled. It simply moves onto the next location and continues moving and stopping at each drill site, until it’s finished.

I have added the code that was automatically created for the drill sequence by the software I’m using (it’s worked for everything else). FYI - The simulation for the drill sequence clearly shows the Z axis operating correctly.

Any ideas gratefully received.

N5 G71
N10 ( / A4-SHEET)
N15 G0 G17 G99
N20 G90 G94
N25 G0 G49
N30 T2 M06
N35 S6500 M03
N40 G0 G43 Z5. H2
N45 X125.275 Y119.095
N50 G81 X125.275 Y119.095 Z-2.75 R2. F600.
N55 X142.595 Y129.095
N60 Y109.095
N65 X159.916 Y119.095
N70 X169.823 Y94.548
N75 X187.143 Y104.548
N80 X204.464 Y94.548
N85 X214.37 Y119.095
N90 X231.691 Y109.095
N95 X249.011 Y119.095
N100 Y139.095
N105 X231.691 Y149.095
N110 Y129.095
N115 X214.37 Y139.095
N120 X204.464 Y163.643
N125 X187.143 Y153.643
N130 Y173.643
N135 X204.464 Y183.643
N140 X187.143 Y193.643
N145 X169.823 Y183.643
N150 Y163.643
N155 X159.916 Y139.095
N160 X142.595 Y149.095
N165 X125.275 Y139.095
N170 X115.368 Y163.643
N175 X98.048 Y153.643
N180 Y173.643
N185 X115.368 Y183.643
N190 X98.048 Y193.643
N195 X80.727 Y183.643
N200 Y163.643
N205 X70.821 Y139.095
N210 X53.5 Y149.095
N215 Y129.095
N220 X36.179 Y139.095
N225 Y119.095
N230 X53.5 Y109.095
N235 X70.821 Y119.095
N240 X80.727 Y94.548
N245 X98.048 Y104.548
N250 X115.368 Y94.548
N255 X98.048 Y84.548
N260 X80.727 Y74.548
N265 X53.5 Y60.
N270 Y40.
N275 X36.179 Y50.
N280 Y30.
N285 X53.5 Y20.
N290 X70.821 Y30.
N295 Y50.
N300 X98.048 Y64.548
N305 X115.368 Y74.548
N310 X125.275 Y50.
N315 Y30.
N320 X142.595 Y20.
N325 X159.916 Y30.
N330 X142.595 Y40.
N335 Y60.
N340 X159.916 Y50.
N345 X169.823 Y74.548
N350 X187.143 Y84.548
N355 Y64.548
N360 X204.464 Y74.548
N365 X214.37 Y50.
N370 Y30.
N375 X231.691 Y20.
N380 Y40.
N385 Y60.
N390 X249.011 Y50.
N395 Y30.
N400 G80
N405 G0 Z5.
N410 M30

Thanks in advance, Mike

Is G81 supported in Chilipeppr?
When I drill PCBs the g-code drill cycle consists of a combination of G0/G1 moves for X/Y and Z respectively.

You may use Eagle widget, load brd file and see the drill section of the auto-generated gcode.

I don’t think TinyG supports G80 or G81

I have been here… tinyg does not support “canned cycles” …G80,81.

Why don’t you write a macro in ChiliPeppr that converts them to G0/G1 moves? I think one G80 line would convert to roughly 20 G0/G1 lines. That would be fun and easy.