Hi, it's much easier to get flanged self-lubricating bronze sleeve bushings from robotdigg for

Hi, it’s much easier to get flanged self-lubricating bronze sleeve bushings from robotdigg for the xy blocks. Would they be suitable replacements for the sintered bushings in the BOM?

It is possible, but with printer tolerance you can likely get misalignment. You could print oversized and epoxy pot them in while on the rod to allow for proper alignment. But I would go with the self aligning kind myself.

I believe that the ones Eric is using are self-aligning also as these are not. Most other printers do use these kind or the linear bearings.

The self aligning bushings are not so easy to get outside the US. I also considered Chinese bearings but finally went for the ones in the BOM. Ordered mine from Lulzbot and they shipped from UK stock (i’m based in Switzerland).

@Daniel_F Igus has their alternative to the bronze self aligning bushings. http://www.igus.com/wpck/3777/igubal_Gelenklager I was thinking about using them myself.

Western Australia seems especially hard to source parts but there is an Igus distributor here. Thanks! How does the plastic compare to brass for performance, I’m thinking possibly higher friction? I was also looking at the Selfgraphite linear bearings: http://www.robotdigg.com/product/175/Selfgraphite-81230mm-Linear-Bearing Obviously would need a solution simlar to Eric’s above but may be better performance-wise?

The problem is they aren’t self aligning, as @Eclsnowman ​ says the danger is they will misalign once installed.

The Igus spherical bearings are expensive. 10 bucks a piece, 8 total makes 80 dollars for them alone! I might redraw the XY block to fit the above graphite bearing but are they suitable for axial and radial motion? They’re called linear bearings… Any idea would it be okay to encase the holes in that bearing?