Hi! It is a test output made with my company's new 3D printer.

(Joongho Choe) #1


It is a test output made with my company’s new 3D printer.

model dimension : 264 X 360 X 540mm
print time : 80 hours
layer height : 0.25mm

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(Justin Nesselrotte) #2

Is this an ad for your companies printers?

(Joongho Choe) #3

@Justin_Nesselrotte I think that it can not be called an advertisement because it is only pre-product for domestic sales and it only uploaded video for printout. This is an introduction to output quality and speed. But if you think it is an advertisement, I’m sorry and I will delete it.

(Justin Nesselrotte) #4

It’s not really blatant and you haven’t been spamming this post everywhere… We just ask that people who are affiliated with companies make it known that they are so others know there is a bias involved.

(Joongho Choe) #5

@Justin_Nesselrotte I thank you for your explanation. I seem to have been careless about the boundary between advertising and boastfulness. Our company is a very small venture like a garage company. So I did not think that this article could make a profit like foreign export. I will refrain from posting these kinds of articles in the future.

(Justin Nesselrotte) #6

Just check out the community guidelines listed in the about section of this community. Encouraging small groups is great and we fully support it! We just value transparency