Hi Is someone have an idea how to use laser web only by command


Is someone have an idea how to use laser web only by command line ?

you simply type in the lower right terminal section after connecting to the mainboard. what issue are you having?

@Domm434 I mean type in a shell command externally to laserweb software. I am making a machine on which you take a photo on a smartphone it generates the gcode and send it through a raspberry pi. So i would like to install laserweb and just have to type a shell command to generate the gcode.

@Domm434 My setting are always the same (Position, size, burn white, cut rate)

I think you’d have to
a) look at the front end code to see how the image and parameters are passed to the backend
b) replicate that in your program, and just invoke the rasterizer with those parameters and get back the gCode.

Thank you for your answer, but despite the fact i have looked into the front end code, i did find yet a way to do that. if anyone have an anwser that could save me some time. it could be king :slight_smile:

I up the post because i did not succeed to externalize the gcode generator :frowning: an advice ? @Domm434

If anyone are looking for a fast solution like i needed…it exists and i am glad to share it here :slight_smile:
I succeed by runing a nodejs server and using this script :