Hi, i'm using inkscape to make design to send to my engraver..

Hi, i’m using inkscape to make design to send to my engraver… My engraver is an ACAN diode laser 10w with a cnc shield v4 with grbl 1.1f on it…

I have problems getting the .svg files from inkscape to work with laserweb 4 (ubuntu linux)…

If i make just a square and save it then import it to LW everything is fine ( i save in px and the workbook the same size as the design)…

But if i make lets say some text… just the outline, no infill and try to send it to LW i just get a message that there is something wrong with the .svg file and nothing shows up in the LW workspace… :confused:

Is there any settings i have missed in inkscape?

If i import bmp, png’s etc (or simple objects from inkscape) everything works as it should…

I’m kinda stuck here :slight_smile:

Tor Espen

Text need to be concerned to path. There is a option for that in inkscape

Aha… Will test tomorrow, thanks for the tip :blush:
Is there any other shapes or objects that also need this?

For better support all shape must be path

Indeed after you make any text always use object-> stroke to path to make it function properly. then adjust the stroke width and your set.

Thanks, it made things better… Now all my shapes including text are imported to LW… my problem now is that if i want to vector engrave the text it does correct passes over the lines in the text that are either vertical or horisontal… (like a T ), on the curved letters it slows down and i get a deeper cut… (like an O)
I use the “laser cut” option for this…
Any tip for a beginner? :slight_smile:

i do vector engraving for most of my text(IE laser cut just at a faster speed to leave a line rather than a through cut) at something like 30mm/s@70% power, pot at 15ma max. i havent noticed a difference in the depth from x to y movements. Do you have the proper speed and steps/mm set for your rig? doing a calibration measurement would check this by moving a set distance and measuring the outcome for all axis.

You need to use M4 not M3 so grbl can adjust the power while accereation/decelleration.

Is this in the gcode start or also on the tool on?

M3/M4 is the operation mode. A M3 in TOOL ON will change the mode to M3 on the first line. SO, you should change that to M4.