Hi, im using gen6 and marlin,

Hi, im using gen6 and marlin, having issues with the Y motors not stopping when endstop is triggered. other axis works fine and i even try switching the endstop so its not mechanical problem, any guess? anything on the firmware i should take a look? thanks a bunch

Have you tried to change the Boolean value? If that don’t work try the endstop on the other side. That’s what i did to fix my X axis. Good luck!

My guess would be that your endstop is bad and not actually triggering. Send M119 to the printer while it’s on, and press the endstops (send M119 while pressing an endstop, etc), make sure the value is changing on the Y axis. If it’s not, it’s mechanical, replace the endstop.

@ThantiK yes, my Y doesnt change value but i swap the endstop with my X (that change value), and it also dont work again. does that mean by board is busted? but everything is fine yesterday :((

Ouch - Is this a new machine setup? Do you have the correct board set? It’s possible you have a board selected with mostly the same pinout, but maybe the Y endstop is on a different pin?

Really, I’m grasping at straws so that I don’t have to tell you the problem is the board. =P

It does sound like maybe the problem is the microcontroller through. - maybe not so much the board as much as just the chip? At least you have an idea what’s going on and can work from here to troubleshoot it.

@ThantiK yes its my second machine. on the first day all the endstop works well, then i do some axis step callibration on marlin then poof, endstop problem

@Tim_laycoman Are there any pins free on the board that would work? Like the expansion pins on the RAMPS? Or does it have a Y-MAX that you could change the pins.h on in order to treat as a Y-MIN? That’s the best workaround I can think of.