Hi, I'm trying to buy a cnc mill & struggling.

I’m trying to buy a cnc mill & struggling. I want to do 2 things; engraving 5/6mm text (inc Arabic) on hardwood and pcb milling. I love the features of Chilipeppr, in particular the Eagle import and the Autolevelling.

The kit which is being proposed uses PiBot control (http://www.pibot.com/set-of-pibot-electronics-kits-for-cnc-2-0-c.html) which runs GRBL 0.9. Would it be compatible with Chilipeppr?

TinyG and 3020, 3040, or 6040 because I think ball screws rock.

However I think the ox rocks too especially if you need a big footprint.

Did you really mean 5/6mm characters or 5 to 6 mm?
A key question, always, how big a workspace do your need?

+Peter van der Walt OK, if not GRBL - what?

@cmcgrath5035 I meant 5 to 6mm - apologies for lack of clarity.

@cmcgrath5035 A4 plenty big enough.