HI im really having problems printing the planet / sun gears.

(Gary Belcher) #1

HI im really having problems printing the planet / sun gears. I just cant get the square to fit into them. can anyone help? is it possible to run the diff locked so I don’t have to use them??? don’t really want to buy a complete metal diff would cost a fair bit.

(Mark Whyler) #2

I had to lightly file the square with a needle file to fit. They are tight.

(jefff1397) #3

Metal diffs on Ebay are like $3-$10

(Gary Belcher) #4

thanks I will try that

(Gary Belcher) #5

@jefff1397 can you post item number please.

(jefff1397) #6

It depends on which design you go with. This one: http://openrcproject.com/tiki-index.php?page=Truggy_Metal_Drive requires spacers. Also has some heavier duty parts which I like.

These newer designs (both from the same guy) don’t require spacers. here is the central diff:

and here are the front and rear diffs:

Both Designs use HSP 02024 Differentials and HSP 02030 Drive Gears

(Gary Belcher) #7

@jefff1397 can you get me item number for the diff on ebay as I can only find ones that cost losts thanks.

(jefff1397) #8

http://ebay.us/43vsiN choose 02024 diff gear complete from the drop down.