Hi, I'm owner of this little blue machine.

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Hi, I’m owner of this little blue machine. I’m upgrading the controller board and I found the “system” pulse per inch that improve quality instead of pwm.

The problem is that I couldn’t find a firmware which incorporates a ppi system. The closer I could find is the M4 code in grbl 1.1 to engrave and cut. The rest, as I understand, are different systems programmed to use ppi and they connect to the main board ( a cohesion3D, a smoothieboard, or other type of controling boards).

Is all of this correct? Or do you know any firmware with ppi implemented and it can be programmed in a board such as cohesion3D?

Thanks a lot

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Somewhere in this forum, someone cobbled together a way to do ppi by reading the steppers with an arduino. Not sure if anyone has incorporated this method in hardware/software.

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Found it!

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Hi HalfNormal, thank you for your help. I already know Joachim works but I am saerching something more developed, something integrate in grbl or similar firmware. Finally I buy a DSP chinese controller. It seems allow ppi control.

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If you are using a DSP controller, you should look into trying LightBurn software.

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I found this software in Choesion3D website and it looks good, surely better than coreldraw :D!
Now I am investigate wich dsp buy, E5 or X7. K40 is a little machine and surely with E5 its enough. But maybe I will add an Z table and rotatory axis and display in X7 its very attractive.