Hi. I'm new to this,

I’m new to this, trying to set up workflow for a 2418 CNC machine. I successfully etched the ChiliPeppr logo test file. I’m now trying to cut a different component using a milling tool.

This is what happened:

  1. I exported a GBRL file from Fusion 360, then into Chilipeppr. OK.
  2. I sent the file from ChiliPeppr to my 2418 CNC mill. OK.
  3. The resulting part did not match the part displayed in ChiliPeppr. The 3 holes are cut in the wrong location, relative to the triangle shape.

I’m not sure where to start, to find the problem. Anyone had this issue before?

My best guess is you were losing steps at some point. Did you do the outline first and then the holes? Could the steps have been lost on the first hole such that your one axis lost steps?

Thanks John.
I did the holes first then outline.
Do you mean there may have been some slipping in the mechanical connections of the CNC? The steppers slipping? Or do you mean in the code (skipping/missing lines)?
Note the three holes seem to be in the right spot relative to each other. i.e. it seems like the two tool paths were correct but had different origins. Both tool paths are children of the one ‘Setup’ in Fusion.

Yeah, mechanical slippage on your Y axis is best guess.

Champion. Yes it appears it maxed out on the y axis, couldn’t travel any further because of where I’d positioned the stock. Duh. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help John. A good schoolboy error on my part.