Hi I'M having a real problem .Is there any one that can show me

(allan pierron) #1

I’M having a real problem .Is there any one that can show me how to setup GRBL 1.1 ON CHILIPEPPR I’m running arduino uno board .
In setup i clicked on GRBL workspace then clicked on serial port json server download spjs from github i can not find the file on gethub?all i’m trying to do is connect chilipeppr to the grbl port on my computer I’m RUNNING WINDOW 7.0
please write back if you can help me with this problem.


(Steve Anken) #2
(Nathaniel Stenzel) #3

1.1? Is the solution still to use the jpadie version?
Do you have a raspberry pi that you might want to use for it? I believe it is possible to use one to help with the interface while adding on machine jogging controls.
I have not used my cnc mill for a bit, but I was using the jpadie moduleand it was somewhat unstable then.

(allan pierron) #4

Are you using grbl 1.1v on your cnc with jadie installed I have been trying to install jadie v with no luck. could you show me how to install jadie v on chilippr.

(allan pierron) #5

@Steve_Anken Thank for writing back I did try installing json v did not work I don’t thing it will work with version 1.1 of grbl.

(Stephen Davies) #6

@allan_pierron I am using jpadie with grbl 1.1g. Had issues with Chrome so am using Safari instead. To use jpadie just take this link.