Hi, i'm choosing an air pump for the air-assist,

(Gary McKinnon) #1

Hi, i’m choosing an air pump for the air-assist, are there any recommendations for minimum flow-rate and pressure ?


(Scott Thorne) #2

I bought a airbrush compressor and it was a waste of money, I’m now using my big compressor and running it at 25 psi, works great.

(Gary McKinnon) #3

Thanks Scott, what’s the flow rate on your unit ?

(Scott Thorne) #4

I have no idea what the flow rate is.

(Scott Thorne) #5

Just a 40 gallon shop compressor. 1/2 horse motor.

(Gary McKinnon) #6

Okay, thanks.

(Phillip Conroy) #7

I am using a 1/2 hp shop air compressor with adjustable regulator with built in water trap-otherwise u will get water coming through the air line sometimes

(Gary McKinnon) #8

Thanks for info all :slight_smile: