Hi Im building a herculien.

Im building a herculien. I’m about to start soon but I’m struggling with the configuration of the G LCD at the smoothie board .

The resolution of the glcd is also poor. How can I increase that?

At the moment I have this written in the configfile :

config settings

panel.enable true # set to true to enable the panel code
panel.lcd reprap_discount_glcd # set type of panel
panel.spi_channel 0 # spi channel to use ; GLCD EXP1 Pins 3,5 (MOSI, SCLK)
panel.spi_cs_pin 0.16 # spi chip select ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 4
panel.encoder_a_pin 3.25!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 3
panel.encoder_b_pin 3.26!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 5
panel.click_button_pin 1.30!^ # click button ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 2
panel.buzz_pin 1.31 # pin for buzzer ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 1
panel.back_button_pin 2.11!^ # 2.11 menu back ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 8
#added panel.encoder_resolution with value of 4
panel.encoder_resolution 4

setup for external sd card on the GLCD which uses the onboard sdcard SPI port

panel.external_sd true # set to true if there is an extrernal sdcard on the panel
panel.external_sd.spi_channel 1 # set spi channel the sdcard is on
panel.external_sd.spi_cs_pin 0.28 # set spi chip select for the sdcard (or any spare pin)
panel.external_sd.sdcd_pin 0.27!^ # sd detect signal (set to nc if no sdcard detect) (or any spare pin)

custom_menu.power_on.enable true #
http://custom_menu.power_on.name Power_on #
custom_menu.power_on.command M80 #

custom_menu.power_off.enable true #
http://custom_menu.power_off.name Power_off #
custom_menu.power_off.command M81 #

custom_menu.filament_change_c.enable true #
http://custom_menu.filament_change_c.name Change Filament #
custom_menu.filament_change_c.command G91|G1 Z0.6 F12000|G90|G1 X0 Y0|G91|G1 Z-0.6|G90|M25 #

custom_menu.filament_change_r.enable true #
http://custom_menu.filament_change_r.name Resume #
custom_menu.filament_change_r.command M24 #

What else do I need ?

I’ll have to look it up but there is a panel.contrast call (I set mine to 8) and that makes it much more legible

Are you using the config file off the smoothie github?

As I recall panel.contrast doesn’t work for all LCD panels.
There is poti on the back of the LCD as well. Are you using just USB or a PSU to power the unit?

It’s worth a shot before adjusting a physical pot, I didn’t see it in his list of config calls. If it doesn’t help (easy fix) then moving to a larger PS or adjusting physical pots makes sense as potential issues.

It depends on where you sourced the glcd display. Looks like some just need the pot adjusted… And some are actually incorrect requiring a resistor be soldered in for the pot to work. Look here for more details: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?13,448609,page=1

Thanks all for your Quick help, I will dig into it and get back to you How it proceeds.

@jerryflyguy Yes, the one available in the herculien download . But as I see it, that one doesnt include the lcd screen. So i have used the codes in the smoothieboard 3D printing manuals

@Mikael_Sjoberg I found when setting up mine (Azteeg) that starting with the latest config was a big help. From there, adding code etc was much simpler where needed. I did use the Viki2 LCD so that may give different results between systems. I’m also much less experienced than the others posting here. :wink:

@jerryflyguy sorry I was wrong . I have used the configfile that was already on the smootiheboard
And added the codes in the manual . Is there a configfile available at GitHub ?

@jerryflyguy well then we are at the same basic level . I’m really interested in the 3D technique, but I’m not a pro in electrics and codes :slight_smile:

Well I found a nice configfile in the github for herculien. That one is made for azteeg, is it possible to adapt it for a smooothieboard ?

@Mikael_Sjoberg I’d assume they would be similar, I’d guess that all the pinouts for the smoothie would be different from the Azteeg though.

That you got the LCD displaying information means you got it right. Fixing the contrast is just dialing a micro pot somewhere on the LCD board.

@Jeff_DeMaagd ok! Thanks !
Then maybe I shall keep the codes I have now . I can move the x, y and z axis . I can start and stop the fans , I can heat up the bed and the hotend .
I have the extruder config left . I have to check if that’s already prepared in the file and if I have the correct port written in the file

There is pot on the display board to adjust the contrast, just adjust it slowly to get the contrast you want.