Hi, I'm am new to CNC-machining and especially the use of ChiliPeppr.

Hi, I’m am new to CNC-machining and especially the use of ChiliPeppr. It’s very promising though. The concept is really great!

I have a GRBL setup, and I started to use the /GRBL workspace. I have looked through the community for answer to my problems, and I have not found all answers or the current state of the GRBL workspace.

It seems to me that there is still at problem with the auto-level, where it stops after the first probe. Then I tried using the /imania workspace, here auto-level works like a charm! :slight_smile:

But in neither workspace the Eagle PCB import works, is that a correct observation?

Is there a fork, where all things works for GRBL, or is it in progress?

Thanks for at great tool, and I am btw willing to help if I can do anything myself :slight_smile:

Last I heard the auto-level was working in the /grbl workspace. I also thought it had the latest Eagle import. @raykholo may have a better idea.

I can’t get either Eagle import or auto-level to work in the /grbl :slight_smile: The eagle import in http://chilipeppr.com/xpix works for me though.

No, auto-level is broken in grbl and I don’t know how to fix it. Will need someone to step up if that’s going to get taken care of.
As for eagle, /grbl was pointing to an older version, I just mapped it to the latest on github and pushed an update. Eagle works fine on grbl now.

Oh, /imania still works for you? Half the people tell me it does, the other half tell me it does not. What version of grbl firmware are you running?

I am trying to get autolevel working. As it is not working with neither Variant of CP. But my machine works as I can autolevel with other Software.

@Mikkel_Stampe you could post back which version of grbl firmware on which hardware you are using. You could also look at any messages you get in the javascript console (reachable via F12 in some browsers) after the first probe from Chilipeppr when it suddenly stops.

Tell me how it works for you?

@Camilo_A_C ​​ it works for me with bCNC ( https://github.com/vlachoudis/bCNC ) on grblshield with grbl 0.9. bCNC is written in python, and works successfully on Linux. However on Windows I had trouble with the serialport comms, and it did not work there at the time for me.

Sorry for the late answer. I am running on a grbl version v0.9i. I use a cheap GRBL shield. And yes the /imania auto level, works for me :slight_smile: