Hi, I'm a long time lurker,

I’m a long time lurker, but finally got myself a Prusa I3 acrylic kit and built it. I managed to get 3 prints out fine but at the 4th I got a problem.

I’m printing brim around a circular object so basically just some circles with the same center at the beginning. However when the X moves it doesn’t go as far as at the previous circle. The result looks like the audi sign. :slight_smile: I hear the stepper missing steps when it want to move only a tiny distance.

Maybe the belt is too tight?
The other thing is I can think about is that I upped the power source’s voltage by 0,5V because the heated bed wouldn’t go above 100C. I the power source’s output was just below 12V, now it’s just a bit above. Could that cause the missing steps?
Thanks for any input.

If the circles are circles, then at print speed it seems fine. Maybe try reducing the traverse speed a bit.

Check for acceleration. I solved a similar problem tightening the belt (mine was too loose) and decreasing the acceleration. I’m not an expert, but you really need your bed to reach 100+ °C?

Thanks guys, I’ll check these.
I read that ABS needs 110C.

Ok, I think I have found the problem. The x belt was too tight, and caused the stepper to grind itself a tiny bit inside. While it felt it moves easily, it actually didn’t. The I’ve taken apart the stepper, cleaned the fine dust, and it is fine again.
Before cleaning, it was really hard to move by hand.