Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any idea what may be

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any idea what may be going on in my machine … It’s a small CNC of 30cm on the side of the table, I was testing grbl0.9 version but to use laserweb I have requested version 1.1 , I have managed to update the firmware, but at the moment of using the laserweb, it only turns on the laser for 1/2 second and then the machine stops and the laser stops working. I tried to turn it on with M3 S10000 with m4 and I can not get it to turn on.
Using version 0.9 and other software while recording, it stopped moving and the laser did not stop, so it ruined all the work.

What could be failing? I am using the following parameters.

$ 0 = 10
$ 1 = 25
$ 2 = 0
$ 3 = 5
$ 4 = 0
$ 5 = 0
$ 6 = 0
$ 10 = 3
$ 11 = 0.010
$ 12 = 0.002
$ 13 = 0
$ 20 = 0
$ 21 = 0
$ 22 = 0
$ 23 = 0
$ 24 = 25,000
$ 25 = 500,000
$ 26 = 250
$ 27 = 1,000
$ 30 = 1000
$ 31 = 0
$ 32 = 1

@Jose_Luis_Zanotti ​ have you followed this setup guide? http://cncpro.co/index.php/31-documentation/initial-configuration/firmware/grbl-1-1e

Yes already follow the guide.

btw now set the laser power to 10% and works for 4 or 5 seconds and stop it. if use 100% works for like 1/2 second

after many hours trying to get it working looks like my board are broken… :confused: will try to get a arduino UNO + cnc shield to see if can flash it and get it working

This sounds like a hardware problem! I guess it’s a diode laser and the current is set too high so the diode gets too hot.

Can you please post a picture of your machie, the controller and the laser?

Hi Claudio, i think the same, its a 5500mw laser, is a 3018 chinese machine.

This is the board 99% sure that its a fault board

looking some cnc shield + arduino mega to see if possible to load grbl and works with laserweb, talk with the factory of this machine and told me that maybe is a fault board. Looks like quality is very bad. Need something better to drive the machine, i cant deal with this kind of troubles :confused:

I don’t recommend Arduino Mega with CNC-Shield. The Mega is just a Uno with more RAM and more pins and most CNC-Shields are missing MOSFETs for driving the Laser or Spindle. If you can spend a bit more, take a Smoothie board like the Cohesion Mini or Remix (see http://cohesion3d.com/motion-controllers/).

Claudio, the problem is that i want to fix it right now, maybe using an mosfet addon (the ones used in the heated beds)? well, or will try to place the order ASAP to purchase the board used on alibaba or the cohesion3d one…

You can use a Arduino Uno with a Prontoneer CNC-Shield and add a external mosfet, shure.

One important thing is the driver of your laser diode:

If the driver is integrated into the laserhead and only connected with two wires, that’s not good. Those drivers are not built to accept pwm switched power and therefore will not be able to get decent grayscale. If you drive them with pwm switched power, the blower will not cool enough and you will eventually destroy the laser diode.

If the driver sits on top of the laserhead and is powered with 3 wires, you have the chance to get good grayscale.

The best would be if you have a separate driver board. These are usually built to get diven by a PWM TTL signal.

Nice, my lasers have ttl and power input :slight_smile: