Hi, I would like to build a Eustathios.

Hi, I would like to build a Eustathios.
I wanted to ask if somebody tried to do it with a direct drive extruder, what are your opinions about it?
The reason is the possibility to print flexible materials, I’m thinking that I try later to build it so that I could switch from bowden to direct if I need to, just wanted to know if the direct drive even works with it.
Thank you for any answers.

look at the work by @Walter_Hsiao here: http://thrinter.com/cartesian-flying-extruder/

Also I have a direct drive mount for the HercuLien which can be swapped onto the Eustathios with just a change in the self-alignment bushings: https://github.com/eclsnowman/HercuLien/blob/master/STL%20Files/HercuLien_Extruder_Base_Direct_Drive.STL

Choose 3mm and you can do it

Check bondtech on youtube he prints a flexible wheel on an ultimaker