Hi. I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same issue as me and

(Frank Despond) #1

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same issue as me and could help me out.

I am working on a project that a specific pattern of lights travels along a strip of 640 LEDs (APA-102s) at a speed that the user sets. The LEDs are controlled using an Arduino Due and FastLED 3.1. I am able to get the lights to work properly however the speeds you can set the pattern to travel at isn’t continuous (or as close as i would like it to be) and the gaps in speeds are quite large. For example, if i set the pattern of lights to finish the travel cycle in 40 seconds it will complete the cycle in 40 seconds however, when i set it for 41, 42 or 43 seconds the pattern travels at 40 seconds still. When i set it to 44 seconds it then travels at 45 seconds. So it seems it can only work in intervals of 5 seconds. I have tried re writing my code and using interrupts to try to avoid any issues with process flow but nothing I change in the code seems to be able to impact the speeds. I am beginning to think that maybe its the Due or if the LEDs themselves have an inherent delay and having 640 LEDs strung together accentuates the problem to point that they can only display speeds in 5 second intervals.

Has anyone else had issues with this?

(Marc Miller) #2

Can you share your code on pastebin or gist?

(Frank Despond) #3

Here is the code. I started to look into protothreads to see if it would help but it didn’t seem to do anything. Sorry if its messy.

(Marc Miller) #4

That link isn’t working for me. Is it public?

(Frank Despond) #5

it should be. it says its public.

let me try another link