Hi. I want to show you my last 3D printed object.

(Carlo De Mattia) #1

Hi. I want to show you my last 3D printed object. This handle has been 3d printed with Wood Pulp filament, then I smoothed and painted it. It works fine and it seems real wood!

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(Roger Allon) #3

Where did you get that type of filament?

(Carlo De Mattia) #4

You can get it on http://WWW.STICKFILAMENT.COM (at the moment only in 3mm format). It works with all the FFF 3d printers.

(filamentworld) #5

this really looks awsome!

(Isam Elbousserghini) #6

Can you print clothes yet?

(zach wasil) #7

wow, maybe eventually we can print the tree! :} That is an amazing print, my little printerbot simple is finally woking nice and i love it, at the moment.

(Matt Harrington) #8

Are you concerned about using wood filament in the same nozzle as other filaments?

(Carlo De Mattia) #9

Mark, the color in the photo is the painting color but you can have color effects also with temperature variations

(Carlo De Mattia) #10

Yes Matt, I use a 0.35 noozle (as for PLA or ABS). Unlike other wood-based filaments the Wood Pulp doesn’t create problem with the extruder

(iCreate Guru) #11

Which filament did you use?

(Carlo De Mattia) #12

The name is WOOD PULP and you find it on http://www.stickfilament.com (with Technical specifications)

(iCreate Guru) #13

Great, thank you Carlo for sharing the link!!

(Carlo De Mattia) #14

It 's just a handle of an awl to show that with the Wood Pulp you can get forms very similar to those typical of wooden utensils. But this material is ideal for many typical crafted object because it can be finished in many ways, as the real wood.