Hi! I started to use elekslaser a3 and laserweb4.

(Moises Ferber) #1


I started to use elekslaser a3 and laserweb4. The engraving mode is working fine so far.

However, I’m having problems using the Laser Cut. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

First, I uploaded a SVG file of a square. It worked like expected. Then, I uploaded a map contour also in SVG format. The job started correctly but soon it kind of blocked.

Here is the beginning of the G-code generated:

; Operation: 0
; Type: Laser Cut
; Paths: 5
; Passes: 1
; Cut rate: 1000 mm/min

; Pass 0

; Pass 0 Path 0
G0 X55.92 Y10.01
G1 X57.43 Y11.33 S192.00 F1000
G1 X57.83 Y13.33
G1 X58.77 Y15.12
G1 X59.90 Y16.78

Any ideas what is happening?



(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #2

Is it composed of a single or multiple small paths?

(Moises Ferber) #3

5 paths

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #4

Try putting 0.5 in the segment field and generate again and run