Hi! I request some help for Setup LW3 with GRBL 1.1.

Hi! I request some help for Setup LW3 with GRBL 1.1. My Machine is a self built 2d Laser, homing works with $H, home is in the lower left Corner. After home ist not possible to move the machine in positive direction (as expected by GRBL, which assumes home is in max and sets all to negative Workspace). When i try to generate a Image the gcode seems to go to positive direction, which can not be processed because GRBL assumes it is already in max Position. What i want to do is: home to lower left Corner and then start to laser at 0/0 in positive direction as wanted by the Gcode-Generator (LW3 or LaserGRBL). What do i have to put in my start script? Or where do i have to move after homing? I already have experience in 3d-printers, but there you start at 0/0/0 and build up, so no negative space (ok on retract or Z-Hop), the other machine is controlled by Estlcam and ist own Firmware. Got really stuck with GRBL config. Thanks for your help. (and sorry for my bad english)

One thing you can do is home to the front left, and then move back Y(400) just have this in your homing routine

+Peter van der Walt sorry i misunderstood his question, normally the issue is homing to xmin ymin is a pain as the gantry is in the way, for machines which have no max let it home min min and then move away.
Looking at it now i think he just needs to invert the motors dir and change the endstop max to min.

+Peter van der Walt these hardware questions i think are only going to become more frequent perhaps we should make a category for generic laser hardware questions.?

fair enough :slight_smile: