Hi, i need to setup a led matrix 40x40,

Hi, i need to setup a led matrix 40x40, i can’t use a arduino uno because the sram, if I use a arduino due I can control more than 1000 leds? And I need a software to control him

@Joaquin_Mendez here is the link

You will find basic example codes also.
1000leds is 3kb so yes with an arid IMO die you should be able to do so.

Ok, thanks!

‘arid IMO die’ is best microcontroller! =)

@Chad_Eby ahh ok, and i Can use a software like Glediator for more than 500 leds?

@Joaquin_Mendez I use glediator with 5900 leds :wink:

@Yves_BAZIN wooow, Ws2812b?

@Joaquin_Mendez yes ws2812b

@Yves_BAZIN ohhh, and what arduino?

@Joaquin_Mendez I am using an esp32. The arduino due has parallel output I think so you should be able to do so with that too. But esp32 and teensy at cheap very powerful board totally made to control large amount of leds and do other thing at the same time.

@Yves_BAZIN nice proyect! If an esp32 controll the 5000 leds, I thinks Arduino UNO also can control, and what are this things(up of the esp)? https://plus.google.com/photos/

@Joaquin_Mendez the link is broken

@Yves_BAZIN srry, This foto, above the esp missing/deleted image from Google+

@Joaquin_Mendez no problem;)
These are level shifters. When you have very big builds it’s use to boost the signal data and push the signal from 3.3 to 5v. Only necessary if you signal data needs to travel couple of meters before reaching the first strip

@Yves_BAZIN Thanks!