Hi, i need some help with meshlab.

Hi, i need some help with meshlab. I made some scans with the kinect and want to apply a poisson filter (11/7/1/1). Sometimes it works really great but with other models i get this strange stuff.

While browsing the internet it looks like nobody else has these problems.
Things i do before i apply the poisson filter: remove non manifold edges and vertices, close holes, reorient all faces coherently, normalize faces normals and vertex normals, quadric edge collapse decimation (500k), close holes, remove non manifold edges.

I tried a lot in different directions but it looks like i miss something and it is getting really frustrating… Maybe you can help me.

I use MeshLab v1.3.2_64bit on Windows 7.

I am preparing a blogpost about this on my blog (http://db4cl.com), i will post it here as soon as its finished.

Do it in the new mesh mixer!

@Bruce_Jackson No. I have about 300 scans to process (see http://copyme.zkm.de and the number is growing) and use python scripts and meshlab filterscripts (with meshlabserver) to automate everything.
At the end i just have to save the file from the scanner. The scripts generate file for printing and the web preview and post everything on the web.
Since it doesn’t appear very often i skip the poisson filter on the failing files.

But thank you anyway :smiley: I already took a look at MeshMixer and i looks nice but its not usable for my purpose.

Here is the process I use for Kinect scans. Granted, it is manual, but it works.


I use skanect to scan, and have done 150 in a day, all cleaned and ready for printing straight after each scan.

@Richard_Beck Most of the steps you do in Netfabb can be done with MeshLab too., like the positioning. The workflow looks elaborated but i am too lazy to switch software every two steps :smiley: