Hi I NEED HELP I bought a K40 machine, got it last week

@dougl Hi it was some cables didn’t working. Now I got another problem, I already install the K40 but when I do the Initialize Laser Cutter it appears that it wants to move the laser head, but it doesnt moves, like it goes up and thats it.
I don’t know how to make it work.

i don’t know… when the laser head is manually moved to the middle of the cut area and you then turn on the machine, it will move to HOME(0,0) position. After plugging the USB cable into the computer running K40 Whisperer(Linux in my case) when I hit the “Initialize” button it will again try to move to HOME. At that point I can use the arrow buttons to move the laser head around.

@dougl I understand the problem, I accomplish to make the machine work and move, only is that the laser isn’t burning nothing when I press engrave button. Do you know what might be causing this problem?
Thanks again

Did you read the instruments on K40 Whisperer? Colors have to match desired mode.

FYI, K40 Whisperer does NOT control the laser on/off so you must set the power level for the feature/mode( cut, engrave, vector engrave ) and enable the laser( enable/disable Laser button on front panel ). K40 Whisperer can only direct the controller to turn laser on/off once the enable button is ON.

that card dont support usb 3 ,get usb 2 will work like that
my laptop have only usb 3 so i get usb 2 extender 1 in to 4 and after i use that it work just fine
but card later pop so more problems for me yey …