Hi I NEED HELP I bought a K40 machine, got it last week

I bought a K40 machine, got it last week. I tried to install the driver that is included with the CD and it appears driver install failure. (the driver that it appears is engraving.inf)
I could download LsaerDRW software but when I try to do something on the machine, it appears when I try to engrave and click starts “This function needs USB-KEY support!”.
I have both the yellow usb and the USB cable which is connected to the machine. I think my computer isn’t recognizing the machine and thats why i can’t use it.
Can someone please help me start using the machine

I would highly recommend not even trying to use that software, and instead install K40 Whisperer.

@James_Rivera Hi I already downloaded that one, but also appears that USB Error: Laser USB device not found. What I do?

I followed the instructions on the website, but neither can make it work… @James_Rivera

Some had to use other USB port. Does the laser head move to the home position when you turn on the laser cutter before plugging the USB cable into the computer?

The usb stick is not a usb at all but it is a dongle with a serial code. I don’t understand why eBay seller don’t provide even the basic support. It’s literally shuffle boxes. I provide drop in controllers since the stock toolchain is not working and highly complex. Next to this is the missing ground in some of these machines which causes all kind of comms issues. Check it.

Yes but the OP said K40 Whisperer wouldn’t work either and that requires no USB dongle.

@dougl No indeed the laser head doesnt move when I turn it on, I thought this was because the computer didn’t recognize it.

Something up with the controller and/or wiring then.

Should auto home on power ON with or without a computer connected.

@dougl how can I check it?
I already connect it again

@dougl What is the ground wire? On one video I look that I need to connect it but i think it is already connected

As another stated “If you have a 3-prong cable with proper ground in your wall outlet, you dont need to add any extra ground.
Only remove any plastic washers on the ground bolt and sand away some paint to have proper connection to the metal case.”

Red LED on the power supply should turn when you turn the Power Switch on too. If you have a big red E-Stop button on your machine that too has to be in the correct position. IIRC, it should turn a little bit and pop or pull out. E-Stop means Emergency Stop and you just hit it/push it in to stop the machine in emergency(like fire).

@dougl Its turning on, but only the laser head don’t moves when I turn it on

can you post a picture of your top panel?

@dougl Everything turns on fine, I don’t have an E-stop, but the button turns on I think it might be another problem, do you now what else it might be?


This is the laser head when I turn it on @dougl

This is an all around good site for all things K40 related - https://k40laser.se/electrical-warning/